Kim Myhr w/ Quatuour Bozzini, Caroline Bergvall and Ingar Zach:
Pressing clouds passing crowds (release spring 2018) HUBRO 2018
Kim Myhr You | me HUBRO 2017
Kim Myhr BLOOM HUBRO 2016
Kim Myhr & Jenny Hval w/ Trondheim Jazz Orchestra:
In the End his Voice will be the Sound of Paper HUBRO 2016
Kim Myhr: All your Limbs Singing SOFA 2014
Kim Myhr & Trondheim Jazz Orchestra: Stems & Cages MNJ Records 2010

Collaborative projects (selection)

Kim Myhr/Lasse Marhaug: On the Silver Globe SOFA 2016
Circadia: Advances and Delays SOFA 2016
MURAL: Tempo (3CD box set) SOFA 2015
MURAL: Tempera Con-v 2014
Muringa: The unknown knowns SOFA 2012
MURAL: Live at the Rothko Chapel Rothko Chapel Pub. 2011
Silencers: Balance des Blancs SOFA 2011
The New Songs: A Nest at the Junction of Paths Umlaut 2011
MURAL: Nectars of Emergence SOFA 2010
Jim Denley/Kim Myhr: Live in Munich Either/OAR 2010
Jim Denley/Kim Myhr: Systems Realignment Either/OAR 2009